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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Songs For Jane Austen's Characters

Today, just a bit of fun.

Which songs do you consider most appropriate to characters from Jane Austen's novels? I've come up with these. I would be pleased to hear of any more suggestions.

Fanny Price : 'Once I Had a Secret Love'

Jane Fairfax : 'I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter' 

Mr Bennet : 'Take Five' 

Tom Bertram : 'Hey Big Spender' 

Willoughby : 'I've Found a New Baby' 

Darcy : 'I Won't Dance' 

Marianne Dashwood : 'Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?' 

Maria Bertram: 'I'm always true to you, darling, in my fashion; I'm always true to you, darling, in my way.' 

Reginald de Courcy : 'If You Knew Susie' 

The Bertram Girls : 'I'm just Wild About Harry' 

Eliza Bennet : 'Them There Eyes' 

John Dashwood : 'Money Money Money' 

Mrs. Bennet : 'Don't Blame Me' 

Mrs. Bates : 'Don't Get Around Much Any More' 

Dr Grant : 'Food, Glorious Food' 

John Thorpe : 'How to Handle a Woman' 

Jane Bennet : 'Singing in the Rain' 

Rushworth : 'Somebody Stole My Gal' 

Louisa Musgrove : 'Stumbling' 

Mr Collins : 'What Kind of Fool am I?' 

Lydia Bennet: 'I'm Just a Gal Who Cain't Say No' 

Mr Knightley : 'Thank Heaven for Little Girls'