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Monday, 17 October 2016

Jane Austen's Music

Towards the end of the Twentieth Century, several groups of musicians made recordings purporting to illustrate the kind of music Jane Austen personally played and enjoyed. Four examples were these:

‘Jane Austen's Favourite Music: Songs, piano, & chamber music from Jane Austen's own music collection’, comprising pieces by Sterkel, Kotzwara (the ‘infamous’ Battle of Prague), Dibdin, Boyce, J.C. Bach and others. The CD, produced under the auspices of the National Trust, was catalogue No. ISIS CDN03.

‘The Music and Songs of Jane Austen’ (MC025). This included pieces by Boyce, Pleyel, Dibdin, Sterkel, etc. played on pianoforte, flute, bass viol, etc. by The Windsor Box and Fir Company.

‘The Piano Favourites of Jane Austen’ ((MC024) - Martin Souter on a Broadwood fortepiano and a Stodart square piano plays pieces by Haydn, Clementi, etc.

‘Music for Love and Marriage’ (MC026) - Elinor Bennett (!) plays harp music by Mozart; the Windsor Box and Fir Company plays Bach, Stanley, etc.